Last Week at Sandy Pines


May, 12, 2017
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Eastern Cottontails orphaned, nest found by a dog.

American Woodcock chick orphaned when mother and siblings killed on the road.
Black and White Warbler, window strike.
Raccoon Kits, orphaned.
Rock Dove with an injured foot.  Trauma unknown.
European Starlings, orphaned.
Canadian Gosling found orphaned and weak.
Eastern Grey Squirrels, orphaned.
Eastern Grey Squirrel, orphaned.
American Robin nestling fell from nest.
Mallard ducking found alone in a hole.
American Woodcock chicks found in a dog park, no Mom seen and sibling killed by a dog.
Northern Cardinal nestlings found injured on a road.
Eastern Grey Squirrel orphaned, approaching people for help.
Red Squirrels, orphaned.
Mourning Dove fledging attacked by a cat.
Eastern Cottontails, orphaned.
Eastern Cottontail attacked by a cat.
Releases This Week Included:
Eastern Cottontails
Eastern Grey Squirrels
Snapping Turtle
Painted Turtle
Black & White Warbler







And that’s it for another week at Sandy Pines.  Have a great weekend everyone, and be safe out there.

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