This Week at Sandy Pines


June 1st, 2018

New Admissions


Painted Turtle hit by a vehicle.


Long tailed Weasel, orphaned.


European Starling, orphaned.


Rock Dove emaciated and unable to fly.

Starling nestlings, orphaned and attacked by a cat.


Eastern Cottontail, attacked by a cat.


Painted Turtle, hit by a vehicle.
Eastern Grey Squirrels, orphaned.


Rock Dove juvenile with head and neck wounds.


Mallard duckling, found alone with a leg injury.


Common Grackle nestling, orphaned.


Rock Dove squabs, orphaned.


Eastern Cottontails, nest attacked by a dog.


Canadian Gosling found alone.


Eastern Grey Squirrels, orphaned.


American Robin, found unable to fly. Emaciated and weak.


Painted Turtle hit by vehicle


Merganser Duckling, found alone.


Snapping Turtle, hit by vehicle.


Mourning Dove with head and shoulder trauma.


Sparrow nestling, attacked by a cat.


Painted Turtle hit by vehicle.


This Raven came from the Ottawa Wild Bird Care Centre. A juvenile who will be a sibling for the young Raven currently in our care. They will be able to learn and grow together!


American Robin nestling, attacked by a cat.


Eastern Chipmunk, orphaned.

The Beaver kit that came in last week was transported to Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary once he was stable.
Aspen Valley has the facilities to house and care for Beavers. This little one will be in their care for 2 years before being released!




Eastern Grey Squirrels
Southern Flying Squirrels
American Goldfinch
Northern Flicker
Rose Breasted Grosbeak
Mourning Doves
And that’s it for another week at Sandy Pines.  Have a great weekend everyone, and be safe out there.
Linda and Julie
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