This Week at Sandy Pines


September 16th, 2017


New Admissions


Red Squirrels, orphaned.


Cedar Waxwing orphan with head trauma.


Eastern Grey Squirrel, orphaned.


Mourning Dove, found in the middle of a road, orphaned.


Eastern Chipmunk, orphaned.


Eastern Grey Squirrel, orphaned.


American Goldfinch fledgling found on a busy sidewalk.


Great Blue Heron found down and cold.


Snapping Turtle hit by vehicle.


Red Squirrels, orphaned.


Eastern Grey Squirrels, orphaned.


Ring Billed Gull unable to fly.


Red Tailed Hawk with a foot injury.


Red Squirrels, orphaned when Mom was relocated.


Eastern Cottontail attacked by a squirrel.




 Releases This Week

Eastern Grey Squirrels
Red Squirrels
Snapping Turtle
And that’s it for another busy week at Sandy Pines.  Have a great weekend everyone, and be safe out there.
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