This Week at Sandy Pines


November 16th, 2017





New Admissions

Wood duck found weak and unable to fly.


Eastern Cottontail hit by vehicle.


Otter found with a head wound, trauma unknown.


Big Brown Bat found in an apartment.


House Mice found in Christmas decorations.


Rock Dove found with an injured wing, suspected hit by vehicle.


Big Brown Bat found awake in an attic when Christmas decorations were being removed.






 Releases This Week

Eastern Grey Squirrels
Red Squirrels
Mourning Dove
Mute Swans
Another great example of the teamwork involved in wildlife rehabilitation in Ontario!!!
Awhile ago we posted pictures of a young swan with a beak injury. A couple of Foster Forest Wildlife Orphanage. 613-394-6667 volunteers Jamie and Jeff were up to the challenge and they went out to rescue her! Their mission was successful, and she arrived at SPWC.
We consulted with Dr Sherri Cox of National Wildlife Centre Canada, via email and opted to give her sometime to heal and see how she managed with her permanent disability.
She was very stressed in captivity and would likely have to be with us for sometime while her beak healed. We contacted our colleagues Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge and they had a single Mute Swan we could “borrow” to keep our girl company! She was so much happier after she had a friend!
Recently she was released (by Jamie and Jeff) with her new buddy into an existing flock. They have both been accepted into the new group and are doing well!
Kudos to all involved! Together we are making a real difference for wildlife in Ontario!!

Photo credits to Jamie Larue Baker and Jeff Brock.
And that’s it for another week at Sandy Pines.  Have a great week everyone, and be safe out there.
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