This Week at Sandy Pines


May 19, 2017
 New Admissions
 3 Canadian Goslings. Found alone. Seen here enjoying bath time!
 European Starlings found on the ground bruised and cold after nest was destroyed.
Mallard Ducklings, orphaned.
Juvenile Eastern Cottontail attacked by a cat.
European Starlings found on a jet, nest unfortunately had to be removed.
Grackle nestling, orphaned and weak.
Blandings Turtle found dehydrated in the middle of a road.
Eastern Grey Squirrel, orphaned. One of many that are being brought in.
Eastern Cottontail, an adult hit by vehicle.
American Robin fledgling hit by a lawnmower.
European Starlings, orphaned when nest destroyed.
Red Squirrels, orphaned.
Snapping Turtle hit by vehicle.
11 European Starlings found in a trailer that unfortunately had to be moved before they could fledge the nest.
American Robin fledgling found weak.
Mallard duckling found alone.
Osprey found down on the ground, weak and dehydrated.

Rock Dove juvenile, suspected orphan.

Releases This Week Included:

Big Brown Bats


American Robin

Cedar Waxwing









And that’s it for another week at Sandy Pines.  Have a great week everyone, and be safe out there.
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