This Week at Sandy Pines


July 15th, 2017


New Admissions



Striped Skunk, orphaned.



Tiny nestling, species to be determined! Orphaned when nest destroyed.



Painted Turtle hit by vehicle.



Red Squirrels, orphaned.



Big Brown Bat pups found on the ground, orphaned.



Snapping Turtle, hit by vehicle.



Rock Dove nestling, orphaned.



Barn Swallows, orphaned when nest fell.



American Robin hit by vehicle.



Painted Turtle hit by vehicle.



American Robin fledgling, orphaned.



Rock Dove squab attacked by a cat.



Eastern Grey Squirrel hit by vehicle.



Common Grackle Nestling attacked by a cat.



Broadwing Hawk found wandering on a road, orphaned.



Eastern Chipmunk attacked by a cat.



Merlin found weak and alone, orphaned.



Painted Turtle hit by vehicle.



Mourning Dove, window strike.



Ring Billed Gull hit by vehicle.



Ground Hog, hit by vehicle.



American Kestrel chick, orphaned.



Polyphemus Moth, found on the ground, after some rest perked up nicely and was released!





 Releases This Week

Eastern Grey Squirrels
Red Squirrels
Eastern Chipmunk
Eastern Cottontails
Mourning Doves
Common Grackles
European Starlings
Canada Goose
Snapping Turtle
Map Turtle
Polyphemus Moth
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